Fraud and Cyberfraud Investigation and Litigation

“It is true that fraud appears in many guises. ‘[I]t is as old as falsehood and as versable as human ingenuity.’” Thomas v. Nadel, 427 Md. 441, 450, 48 A. 3d 276, 281 (2012).

We assist businesses and insurance companies in the investigation of fraudulent conduct, including by unscrupulous individuals seeking to steal or cheat honest individuals and businesses. In many cases, real estate and financial transactions present opportunities for such “fraudsters” to practice their craft, from traditional fraud and deceit, to complex cyber fraud, spoofing, and title insurance and mortgage-related scams. We have represented lenders, insurance companies, and individuals in recovering against such fraudsters, and recouping such losses against persons who are responsible for or have contributed to such harms, and defending against attempts to spread liability for such losses. Representative cases include the following:

  • Cyber fraud cases related to spoofing of wiring instructions.

  • Recovery resulting from spoofing attacks against sellers, and real estate agents whose computer and email systems are compromised.

  • Counterfeit payoff statements, cashiers checks, and forged checks and deeds.

  • Recovery against individuals and business whose bank accounts are the recipients of ill-gotten gains.

  • Deed swapping, and material alteration of property deeds.

  • Investment scams, including “Ethnic Affinity Scams” including in minority communities, and involving purported investments in real estate, businesses, restaurants, or non-traditional lending arrangements.

  • Seeking recovery against conspirators and enablers, who materially participate in fraudulence transactions.

  • Construction fraud and false reporting.

We work with investigators, auditors and experts to identify and establish culpability. We use proprietary search tools to locate fraudsters and stolen assets, and hire attorneys throughout the United States to prosecute such claims in civil cases. We coordinate with law enforcement to report, and coordinate efforts to obtain restitution.

We have also defended against attempts to impose liability for such claims, including:

  • Defending against claims seeking to “spread the loss.”

  • Protecting lender’s interests against challenges from foreclosure rescue scams, including over 40 challenged transactions across three states; and involving class action and mass action claims, including investigations and litigation involving state attorneys general.