Real Property and Title Litigation

We represent owners, investors, lenders and title insurance companies in disputes involving ownership, title and possession of real estate, as well as title insurance coverage litigation.  

In addition to contractual disputes, these claims include title remediation and curative litigation, real covenant claims under ADU regimes, easement disputes, condemnation proceedings, and claims related to complex foreclosure rescue schemes.  We represent lenders in priority disputes with other secured parties and claimants, including tax sale purchasers, HOA and condominium association lienholders, mechanics lien claimants, and statutory claims by tax authorities. We handle these matters both offensively and defensively in litigation in state and federal court, as well as in adversary proceedings in bankruptcy.

We represent clients in disputes involving homeowners’ or hazard insurance policies, as well as residential and commercial lease disputes, and eviction proceedings.

We also represent clients in commercial real estate transactions, including purchasing, selling, financing, developing and leasing real property.

Please note that the firm does not represent residential tenants in landlord-tenant disputes; and does not represent consumer borrowers in mortgage or collection related matters.


Real Property and Title Litigation Case Updates