Bizhan Beiramee, Esq.

Managing Attorney

(MD, VA, DC)

(301) 547-3805


Bizhan Beiramee litigates commercial, real estate, title insurance, construction and mortgage lender related cases throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. He regularly represents lenders, loan servicers, substitute trustees, and attorneys in litigation to establish, enforce, and defend the validity of mortgage instruments, as well as the validity of the loans.  He also handles defensive litigation on their behalf.

Consumer Financial Litigation and Defense.   Bizhan regularly litigates foreclosure and other mortgage related claims in state and federal trial courts, as well as on appeal, wherein he regularly encounters claims arising under TILA, HOEPA, RESPA, FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA, and ECOA; consumer protection lawsuits brought by private parties and state attorney generals; and related mass action and class action claims in state and federal court.  Bizhan has litigated hundreds of foreclosure related cases, many brought by borrowers seeking to preclude foreclosure and/or eviction, or attempting to raise foreclosure challenges post-sale. He is frequently brought in by other attorneys specifically to handle trials and appeals, and has argued dozens of appeals in connection with foreclosure related challenges.

Real Estate and Title Litigation.  Bizhan represents lenders and owners in real estate title disputes, as well as title insurance coverage litigation. These claims range from remediation and curative litigation, real covenant claims under ADU regimes, to claims related to complex foreclosure rescue schemes.  He represents lenders in priority disputes with other secured parties and claimants, including tax sale purchasers, HOA and condominium association lienholders, mechanic's lien claimants, and statutory claims by tax authorities. He handles these matters both offensively and defensively in litigation in state and federal court, as well as in adversary proceedings in bankruptcy.

Construction Litigation and Defense.  Bizhan represents project owners, developers, builders, architects/engineers, construction managers, contractors, suppliers and in a wide-array of construction related disputes, including construction default and delay litigation, surety and performance bond litigation, contract and mechanics' lien claims, and liability defense litigation.  Bizhan holds a graduate degree in engineering management, is well-versed in the construction process, and provides general advice on construction matters and construction lending.

Complex Commercial Litigation.   Bizhan also handles complex commercial litigation, including preference litigation in bankruptcy court, class action litigation involving the collection industry, shareholder and investment disputes, and health care billing litigation.

Health Care Litigation and Compliance.  Bizhan represents health care providers in compliance issues, as well as defensive litigation, including liability defense, insurance disputes, and regulatory and disciplinary matters.

Bizhan is a frequent instructor for continuing education seminars for attorneys and title insurance agents in claims resolution, foreclosure procedure, and loss mitigation litigation.

A graduate of the George Washington University Law School, with honors, Bizhan clerked for the Honorable Peter B. Krauser of the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland, as well as Justice Thomas G. Saylor of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. He also holds a graduate degree in Engineering Management.


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